Commission for Slurpuff @ Flight Rising

Commission for Slurpuff @ Flight Rising

Progress video X

Progress video X

A thank you-gift for a friend.

A thank you-gift for a friend.

Hello all! Jellyparrot here, a artist here on tumblr.
I wont have any school or work for the next year. Which I then thought would be a perfect time to open commissions!

I draw pretty much anything, but what I am best at is;
Humanoids, anthro, dragons, most animals.
Things i wont draw;
Fanart, racism, porn, too much violence.


   Sketch       - 6 EUR
   Flat colour - 7 EUR
   Painted      - 9 EUR

   Sketch       - 7 EUR
   Flat colour - 8 EUR
   Painted      - 10 EUR

   Sketch       - 9 EUR
   Flat colour - 10 EUR
   Painted      - 15 EUR

Payment will be trough Paypal. I you live in Sweden tell me and we can work it out another way.

Send me your commission info to my email: Jellyparrot@gmail.com
And I will give you more details on how to pay and if the commission is okay, or if you have any questions.

And with that, Have a nice day c: ~JP

Have a doodleIt’s a squiraffe! :D

Have a doodle
It’s a squiraffe! :D